TaylorMade Global Wins Freeport’s Alignable Main Street Mentors Search For 2021

Andra C Taylor Jr Emerges As Hometown Champion In National Contest Celebrating Business Superstars Helping Local Communities Recover 

BOSTON, MA: September 2, 2021 — The largest online referral network for small businesses, Alignable.com is announcing the results of its North American search for business leaders who’ve gone above and beyond guiding peers, Main Street economies, and entire communities toward recovery. 

Today, Alignable’s network is honoring Andra C Taylor jr of TaylorMade Global as Freeport’s 2021 Main Street Mentor Of The Year!

Alignable’s latest contest generated an incredible 132,000+ votes and recommendations supporting altruistic, collaborative business superstars. This is the first year Alignable has hosted its new National Main Street Mentors Search and the participation levels were astronomical.

“No Business Left Behind”

 “Based on what we’ve heard from thousands of voters, the rallying cry ‘No business left behind’ is driving many of our local business leaders as they redouble efforts to help communities against new threats,” said Eric Groves, Alignable’s Co-Founder and CEO. “And their countless supporters really cheered them on during this contest, demonstrating unparalleled gratitude for their often-unsung business champions.”

 Alignable’s National Main Street Mentors Search ran from June 28th to August 24, 2021. In all, nearly 2,000 local business people emerged victorious across North America. 

This Is Really Freeport’s Award

“No matter what happens in Freeport’s business community, many of us look out for each other and offer advice or a helping hand,” said Taylor. “So it’s really more appropriate to accept this award on behalf of Freeport’s business community, as all of us play a role in keeping our local economy going. That said, I’m very grateful for my peers’ support and send it right back to all of them, too. We’re #onemainstreet, and we stand strong together.”

Taylor and other 2021 Local Main Street Mentors in communities across the U.S. and Canada have received badges on their Alignable profiles, recognizing their contributions. In past years, the awareness generated through similar contests has helped drive additional connections, prospects, and new business for many winners.

Rev Up Business For The Rest Of 2021

“We’ve heard from countless members that they made many new connections during this contest, and had the chance to rekindle older business relationships, too,” added Alignable’s Co-Founder and President Venkat Krishnamurthy.

To arrange interviews with Andra C Taylor Jr and/or an Alignable representative, please contact Alignable’s Head Of News & PR Chuck Casto at chuck@alignable.com. He also can offer JPEGs and other visuals, recommendations supporting winners, and additional information.

About TaylorMade Global

We’re a team of value-driven individuals who are on a mission to illuminate the technological path of small businesses. We equip startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses with the necessary tools, guidance and solutions that enable them to thrive in our digital world. We are a full service agency who focuses on innovation, collaboration and servant leadership.

About Alignable

Alignable.com is the largest online referral network for small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. With 6.5 million+ members across 35,000+ local communities, Alignable is the network where small business owners drive leads and prospects, generate referrals, land new business, build trusted relationships, and share great advice. 

Contact: Andra C Taylor Jr | andra@taylormadeglobal.com | www.taylormadeglobal.com | 815-408-0375

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