TaylorMade Global: Celebrating 6 Years of Digital Consulting Success!

This month marks our sixth year of business, and it’s with immense pride that we celebrate this milestone alongside each of you! We’ve come so far in the last six years, and we’re proud to have done it all together.

Why we love being a global digital agency

At TaylorMade, we are celebrating our anniversary with an announcement and celebration. We have grown to a thriving digital agency successfully completing over 150 projects to-date. Our most ambitious goal is to expand our digital offerings to 1,000 organizations across the globe by 2024. To get there, we need your help as partners to grow forward. You can do this by allowing us to help you start your next business or referring to one that needs digital consulting services. Help us grow stronger together!

Some favorite moments from the last 6 years

The last six years have flew by! We’ve accomplished so much and grown in ways we couldn’t have imagined. As we look back on our journey, it’s easy to see why we are so proud of everything that has come to pass. More specifically, TaylorMade is proud to have helped nonprofit organizations embrace digital change by providing them with expertise and guidance from start to finish.  In addition to consulting, we also offer education workshops for nonprofits looking for tips and tricks for implementing the newest tech tools. Check out a recent nonprofit project: www.studentleadershipcouncil.com

Honoring those who made it happen

We want to thank all the people who have helped us reach this milestone and keep us moving forward – our clients are the best and our reason for being in business, we thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to offer advice, counsel and expertise for their marketing efforts well into our 7th year and beyond. 

To show how much we appreciate you, we are extending a private sale. If interested, click here (register or login) and use coupon code: SIXYEARS at check out to receive 40% off, that is good towards any service or purchase until 11:59pm 11/3/2022.

What we have planned for 2023 and beyond

We are looking forward to what’s in store for the next six years. TaylorMade has been a growing company that has continued to innovate with new ideas and new clients. We have come a long way, but still have many milestones ahead of us. To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to introduce you to some of our plans for the future.

  • New business startup kit – This kit will embody core ingredients needed to establish a firm online presence.
  • Business credit building program – It’s important for every serious business to establish and leverage business credit.
  • Small business tax service – There are several nuances to business taxes, so we are creating a program to help with this specifically.

Thank You again for supporting us!

We are honored to have been working together with some of the best companies to help them achieve their goals through expert digital consulting. Thank you again for your support and partnership, we appreciate you.

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