Boost YouTube Video Rankings on Google and Search Engines

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In today’s digital landscape, getting your YouTube videos noticed can be challenging. Ranking high on Google and other search engines is essential for maximizing visibility and engagement. This article will guide you through proven strategies to enhance your YouTube video rankings, ensuring your content reaches a broader audience and achieves the success it deserves.

How to Rank Up a YouTube Video on Search Engines
First, focus on the title of your video. Go into YouTube and type in the title you are thinking about. Ideal titles will pose a question or solve a problem. Ideal titles are 60 to 85 characters with “|” as a break if it is a longer title vs a comma. Have a little fun if it matches your topic, humor is always appreciated. If you are basing your content on keyword research, add three hashtags inside of the description. One should be your brand or your name; one should be your larger overarching business description and one should be specific to the video itself. For example, “Navigating High-Conflict Divorce: Mediating with a Narcissistic Spouse” could have these hashtags: #highconflictdivorcemediation #divorcinganarcissist.

How to Weave a Video Description that Pops off the Page
Next, when building your video description to rank on page one of google for your business, most people aren’t aware that YouTube allows 4,000 characters. The math of a great description includes a sexy and enticing first sentence; three hashtags because if you use more, YouTube will choose which ones to focus upon; then a solid description. You can pull from the transcript and use ai or ChatGPT to correct spelling and grammar errors. Focus the description on the pain of the audience that will be solved or helped with the content in your video.

Add Backlinks to Let YouTube and Google Know Your Video is Cool
Lastly, backlinks are not always the first thing that come to mind when ranking up your video on social media. When you have others share and link to your video, it’s going to help the ranking quicken. If you have several different social media accounts, web pages, podcasts, and so forth, take time to link to the video from all of your other socials. Pinterest in particular encourages third party links for each post.

In Closing…

Have fun when you are creating your YouTube video descriptions. If your energy is rotten, do something like take a walk or watch funny videos to get you in a better place. This way, everything that goes into the description will be full of good energy. Take time to research keywords, add great hashtags, and make sure your Call to Action is clear and easy to follow. If possible, offer something valuable (a lead magnet) for a free gift if they go to your website. Good luck!

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